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AI / Machine Learning

Advance your business with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Digital technology is rapidly changing thus challenging organisations to adapt.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the new trends at leading companies, but how can you find the way to bring real added value to your company by leveraging the latest technology?

Machine learning is one of the most common type of Artificial Intelligence used for business purposes nowadays. It is a technology to process a large amount of data very quickly and create algorithms by recognizing relationships, patterns and trends.

As a result, you can have forecasts and recommendations for decisions to attain the operational excellence of your business while maximizing your profit.  

Manufacturing and supply chain companies are one great example where Machine Learning technology can be leveraged well to improve production capacity.

Making the best use of production capacity is a very complex task.

It requires the processing of not only large amounts of data, but also several types of data. Think here of data of the capacity and availability of human resource, material supply and production machines.  So a huge amount of parameters and capacity data for the entire supply chain need to be analyzed and properly combined to get the best out of production capacity.

Manufacturing machines usually generate a lot of data during their operation, just as well there are a lot of other data in the supply chain regarding the material supply like the capacity of the transportation or distribution chain. Machine Learning technology is needed to process this huge amount of data and identify useful information, trends, and patterns from the data. Based on the patterns and trends, Machine Learning makes such predictions and suggestions, on the basis of which the decision-makers know at an early stage how they can improve and optimize production capacity. e.g. to schedule maintenance work on individual machines if an upcoming maintenance is likely needed based on the manufacturing data provided by the machine, or redirect material supply in case of changes in production priorities.

We are here to help you create real business value to your company with this new technology.

AI / Machine Learning: Services
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